• Steve Webb

    Steve Webb

  • Tony Rung

    Tony Rung

  • Shirley J. Davis

    Shirley J. Davis

    I am an author/speaker living among the corn and bean fields of Illinois in the U.S.

  • Jo Ann Harris

    Jo Ann Harris

    Multiple genre writer. Writer for Crow’s Feet, Family and Children, Illumination. Editor for Wreader. A specialist in eclecticism. Thank you for reading my work

  • Kathy Boggs Havens

    Kathy Boggs Havens

    Missionária Internacional do Zen Budismo Japonês e Psicanalista Humanista, lidera a Comunidade Zendo Sul — Jisui Zendô de Passo Fundo, RS e grupos afiliados.

  • Pamela Edwards

    Pamela Edwards

    Irrationally hopeful.

  • Teresa Suegav

    Teresa Suegav

  • Viv Adram

    Viv Adram

    Crazy animal lady, 25 years in advertising and a jazz vocalist! I’m like the kid from 6th Sense, I see “dead strategies” BUT I help you rework them to succeed!

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